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Coronavirus Information

Statement from Superintendent Pope Albin related to Wirt County Schools response to Corona Virus: 
The ongoing and growing concerns with the spread of the Corona Virus definitely is not something that can be ignored. We are working very hard in our schools to ensure we are taking and encouraging every precaution.  As a public school system, I do not have the authority just to close our doors and have no students report.  We will not be closing our schools unless the state directs us to do so as the legislature requires that we complete 180 days of instruction.  We are receiving constant communication from the WV Department of Education and public health organizations regarding the virus and the steps that we are to take.  
As you are aware, extracurricular activities such as the State Basketball Tournament have been suspended.  Suspension of activities has been recommended to reduce the amount of large gatherings.  We will look at suspending activities if need be, but have not done so yet. 
Wirt County Schools have relaxed the student "sick' day policy and are encouraging parents not to send children to school who are exhibiting any signs of flu-like symptoms.We are not pressuring parents over these absences as we want these students to remain home during these times. Teachers are reminding students of the importance of coughing into your elbow and washing hands, for 20 seconds.  The CDC continues to say that these precautions are still one of our best defenses. 
I will continue working very closely with representatives from the WV Department of Education and will be ready to immediately act on their directive.  Wirt County Schools have begun to put alternative plans in place should we be directed to do so.  I will continue to provide updates to our community as I receive them.