• Resources for Virtual Learning

    West Virginia Department of Education - COVID 19 Resources Home Page

     This website houses several links for resources created by the West Virginia Department of Education. 

    Activities Accessible to All Students

    This is a list of activities compiled by the WVDE.  The activities don't require the internet but can be delivered virtually. The list includes activities for middle and high school students, general activities that can be applied to multiple content areas, and content-specific activities. 

    How to Use the Windows Screen Capture Feature to Record Videos

    Watch this quick video to see how to use Windows built-in screen capture feature to record videos on your computer.  You can record audio over a PDF, webpage, word document, PowerPoint, and many other programs.  We encourage you to keep videos short (5 minutes or less).  Videos can be used to introduce new materials to students, review an assignment, or just provide a brief check-in or update to your classes.  Remember, any video content you provide online must be downloaded to your share folder so we can provide it to students with USB drives. 


    Teacher Resource Group on Schoology

    This resource is for teachers at Wirt County High School.  It includes all of the how-to videos that have been shared from the Help Desk.