• Spanish Characters in Word

    How to make Spanish writing symbols in Microsoft Word

    Using Spanish Lang uage Characters Made Easy

    Writing Spanish Content: With more Spanish speaking users going online everyday content in Spanish is a commodity that can command a premium price. Here are some Microsoft Word tips for those bi-lingual writers looking to tap in to this growing market. 

    The first thing to do when using Word as your editor is to set the language to Spanish when you start a new document. This will load the appropriate library of words so that the spell checker works and this way you can make sure that the language module is installed. This is done by going to the 'tools' menu then to 'Language' and clicking on set language. A list of languages will show up in a new window and from there you can select the library you would like to use. 

    Writing in Spanish can be a little tricky without knowledge of the appropriate keyboard shortcuts for those using a standard keyboard (and most of us do). These are the Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts for typing the accented vowels as well as the ñ and ü. The upside down exclamation and question marks are also included here. 

    á - ctrl + ' + a 
    é - ctrl + ' + e 
    í - ctrl + ' + i 
    ó - ctrl + ' + o 
    ú - ctrl + ' + u 
    ñ - ctrl + shift + ~ 
    ü - ctrl + shift + : 
    ¿ - ctrl + alt + shift + ? 
    ¡ - ctrl + alt + shift + ! 

    These shortcuts will help you ensure that you are using correct grammar and your audience understands your message. 

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