• Spring Newsletter

    HI-Y Members

    After such a long Winter we are ready for Spring HI-Y activity.  Listed below you will find our upcoming events/opportunities

    1.  Officer Election - the date is to be announced.  We have a candidate for President and one for Vice President.  To make our HI-Y successful - more officers are needed - see Mrs. Petrovsky for nomination forms.

    2.  YG Practice - our Spring Break YG practice will be held on Thursday, April 8 at the primary/middle library.  In addition to practicing for YG we wil be making bed tags for YMCA Camp Horseshoe, working on the HI-Y Scrapbook, and eating.  Our work/service session will start at 6 (or as soon as the Softball game is over) and will end at 11:00.

    3.  Feinstein Challenge - through the month of April all donations of food to the Hope Shop are matched by the Feinstein Foundation.  We are asking that HI-Y members help with this challenge.  You will earn 1 service hour for every 5 cans of food.

    4.  Club Trip - we are in the planning stages of the 2010 HI-Y Club Trip.  Tentatively - we will going to the Columbus Zoo and Waterpark on Saturday, May 22.  Details will be coming soon.  Club members with 10 or more service hours and their guests will be welcome to attend.  Stay tuned for prices, times, etc.

    5.  A Very Special Arts Day - will be on Friday, March 28 (graduation).  We make paper hats for special needs kids.  Details will be announced later.

    6.  Relay for Life - Wirt HI-Y will once again be managing the Luminaries.  Our responsibilities begin after school and are concluded with the Luminary Service - date = June 4.

    7.  Project Prom - If you are a Junior or Senior and need to borrow a prom dress - let Mrs. Perovsky know and we will try to find one for you.

    7.  HI-Y CAMP AT YMCA CAMP HORSESHOE  - JUNE 20-26.  If you are interested in attending HI-Y Camp (and you should be interested because it is a blast) you need to let me know.  We ahve about $1,000 in grant money to divide among those going.  This grant money will offset the $300.00 fee (before May 1).  We will meet the May 1 deadline because after May 1 the price jumps to $350.00

    Questions - give me a call at home (304-275-3994) or at work (304-275-4279).